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Welcome to Trinity School’s website; thank you for visiting us. We hope that this website helps you to gain a clear picture of life and work in our school. We think that what you will see is a vibrant and thriving community, with a strong sense of common purpose and a consistent focus on high standards.

Although we are a large school, which allows us to offer a wide range of courses and activities, we try to behave as if we were a very small one, with a ‘village’ feel and a big emphasis on the unique importance of each individual. We make no apology for our focus on high standards as we want the best for every one of our students: we insist on high standards in approach to learning and in behaviour. We work to offer a high standard of education and of pastoral care. We encourage responsibility, both for self and for others. Each student is encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, and to be responsible in the way they treat others, both in school and in the world beyond school. Responsibility and care for others reflects the Christian ethos of our school.

We also seek to provide wide ranging opportunities both within the curriculum we offer and in activities beyond the curriculum so that we educate the whole person and prepare our students well for life..


First Day of Term Last Day of Term Half Term Week
Autumn Term 2019
Wednesday 4th September
Friday 20th December Monday 21st October –
Friday 25th October
Spring Term 2020
Tuesday 7th January
Friday 27 March Monday 17th February –
Friday 21 February
Summer Term 2020
Tuesday 14 April
Friday 17 July Good Friday – 10th April
Easter Sunday – 12th April
Easter Monday – 13th April
Half Term:
Monday 25 May – Friday 29th May
Early May Bank Holiday – 8th May





To view future Term Dates please visit Cumbria County Council’s Term and Holiday Dates page here

Covid-19: School Update

22nd May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

I know that this is an uncertain time for everyone.  We are looking forward to welcoming students back to school as soon as it is safe to do so. 

I was hoping to be in a position by now to update you on the possibility of some face to face contact with teachers for students in Year 10 and 12.  Although we have been planning, checking staff availability and assessing risk, we have still not received the secondary school guidance promised by the government earlier this week.  This means that we are not able to check our risk assessments and plans against government advice and therefore cannot give a date for students to return just yet.  Teachers will continue to set work and deliver lessons until we know more.  As soon as we have more information, we will contact parents of children in Year 10 and 12 with the details of any return and how we plan to keep students and staff safe.

Please read the full letter below for more information:

Letter Covid 16 (pdf)

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COVID-19: Schools Update - 20 May

A Message From Cumbria County Council

Plans to reopen schools
We are writing to you following the announcement on Sunday 10 May by the Prime Minister explaining plans begin to reopen schools from 1 June.

The Prime Minister said that children from Nursery, reception, Year 1 and Year 6 could begin going back to school. This is in addition to children from vulnerable groups and children of essential workers. Secondary schools have also been asked to offer some face-to-face support to supplement the remote education of year 10 and year 12 students who are due to take key exams next year.

We have been discussing and planning this with Headteachers, Early Years Settings, Academy Trusts, Trade Unions and other Local Authorities across the region how this could be achieved safely.

Please read the full letter below for more information:

Letter to Parents May 2020 (pdf)

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Parent/Carer Letter - Covid-19 Update

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope that everyone in the Trinity Community is well.  I am writing with some reminders and updates that I hope you find useful. 

We are using this week as a catch-up week for students to make sure that they have had the chance to complete their work and to submit it to their teachers.  This has been in response to several parents who have told us that their child has been finding the volume of work unmanageable at times, which has proved stressful for some.  We are aware that some students may have not had this difficulty and may still need new work this week.  Please contact your child’s Head of Year or individual subject teachers if you would like more work to be sent.  If your child is in the Home Group, Mr. Brentnall will clarify the expectations for your child.

Our approach remains largely the same for the majority of year groups and a reminder of this is in the letter below:

Covid-Update-Letter (pdf)

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Young Leader Award

18 May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Young Leader Award

As you are aware, Year 8 Students have been following the Archbishop Youth Trust Young Leaders Award this year in Religious Studies. The Archbishop of York Youth Trust exists to empower our young people to ‘be the change you want to see’ in their schools, communities and the world! The community activities involve personal volunteering work, in school charity work and wider community service.

Please read the letter below for more information:

RS - Y8 Arch Bishop Award (pdf)

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COVID-19: Schools Update - 12 May

Please view the message from the Local Authority following the government’s announcement on Sunday via the link below.

Trinity School

COVID-19: Schools Update - 12 May

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School Update

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope that all in the community are keeping well and coping with lockdown. As I write this letter, we still have no accurate news about any return to school or what that might entail. We are planning for a variety of different possibilities and are fortunate that our large site could make opening a little easier than in some schools. We await details but will update you as soon as we have information.....

Please read the full letter below:

Covid update letter 040520 (pdf)

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Accessing School Work from Home

Dear Parents and Carers of Students in Year 10 and 12,

We hope that you and your family are well.  This is a quick message to remind you to let us know if you are having any issues with accessing school work due to internet or laptop problems.  If you would like support please contact your child’s year team and we will see what we can do to help.

Trinity School

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The Trinity Lockdown Recipe Book 2020

Take part in the “The Trinity School Lockdown 2020 Recipe Book

Send your favourite recipe to lockdownrecipes@trinity.cumbria.sch.uk where they will be collected together to produce a recipe book that you will be able to download.

Open to all students, parents/carers and staff.


To design the front page/cover for the “Trinity School Lockdown 2020 Recipe Book, open to all students

Please send all designs to Mrs Perry, jpe@trinity.cumbria.sch.uk

Recipe Book Competition 2020 (pdf)

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Ongoing setting of work

20 April 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Today marks a week since our ‘return’ from the Easter holidays. All students should have been set new work to cover the extension of the lockdown period. As we move to a longer time away from face to face lessons, we have developed a different approach for different Key Stages and Year Groups. This is to ensure that key groups keep up to date with learning at the same time as recognising the pressures that students and parents are under during the school closure......

Please the full letter below:

covid 9 190420 (pdf)

Please read our guidance sheet below:

Ongoing setting of work-home (pdf)

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OFQUAL Information

6 April 2020

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

On Friday 3rd April we received information from the Department for Education and Ofqual as to how GCSE and A levels will be awarded this Summer. You will find the statement in full at the bottom of this email.

As it states, Trinity school will be providing exam boards with teacher assessments for all our year 11 and 13 students. We will make our judgments using:

• classwork

• bookwork

• any participation in performances in subjects such as music, drama or PE

• any non-exam assessment – whether or not complete

• the results of any assignments or mock exams

• previous examination results – for example, for any re-sitting students or those with relevant AS qualifications

• any other records of student performance over the course of study

Please read the letter below for more information:

Letter re OFQUAL Information (06_04_20) (pdf)

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Trinity PE Challenge

Are you taking on the Trinity PE Challenge?

How fast can you run 2k (safely, as your one exercise of the day)? Email a picture of your time to Mr Brown.

Also, the CrossFit weekly challenge: how many sets in 20 mins? Email Miss Walker.

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Parents/Carers of KS3 Students - Key Workers only

Dear Parent/Carer

I wanted to let you now that from Monday 30th March, Trinity School will be a hub for the children of Key Workers.  What this means is that we will be collaborating with other schools (Caldew, William Howard, Morton and Newman) in providing childcare.  This will be based at Trinity School and hours have been extended from 8:30am to 3:30pm.  We will be looking to see if we can offer a breakfast club and earlier start time soon. 

Please read the full letter below:

Childcare letter (pdf)


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Letter to Parents

Dear Parent/Carer

I hope that you are all keeping well and staying safe through these strange times. School has been open this week, with a safe skeleton staff, looking after the children of Key Workers. Whilst it has been good to be open after the closure the week before, we are missing the daily interaction with students in person.

We hope that you have been receiving plenty of work to support students with their studies.  I would like to say thank you to parents and carers for all that you have been doing to keep learning going during this time.  We know that everyone is doing their best; please do not worry if everything is not complete. ....

Please read the full letter below for more information:

Letter to Parents (pdf)

Carlisle Eden Mind have produced a Newsletter for parents to offer support and guidance through this:

Carlisle Eden Mind Newsletter



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Dear Parent/Carer 

You may have seen the notification that ParentPay were to generate an automatic refund of all School Meal balances – this was to be done once they had received the funds from Schools/Catering Companies. However, they have now withdrawn this offer.

The school position is that all balances will remain on the student’s cards for them to use on their return to school.

Please read the full letter below which includes a link to the Refund Form:

Parentpay-School-Meals-Refunds-Form (pdf)

Refund Form direct link.


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Scam around Free School Meals

Scam around Free School Meals

Some Schools have already reported that parents and carers of children in receipt of free school meals are being targeted by fraudsters. Fraudsters are targeting families, emailing parents and carers with messages such as ‘ If your child is entitled to free school meals send your bank details to the school and they will help with funding while the school is closed’. The email contains links for the parents to follow if they want to receive the this funding – these links are fake. This is a scam

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Childcare for Keyworkers

Childcare for Keyworkers – update

We have had technical difficulties with the survey for childcare.  This is now working again and will stay open until 11:30pm today.  If you have emailed school we will be able to access your replies but would be grateful, for ease of admin, if you could try to fill it in again now.  Many thanks.

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Guidance COVID-19: free school meals guidance for schools


COVID-19: free school meals guidance for schools

Published 19 March 2020

We know that schools and education settings are concerned about the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on pupils currently eligible for benefits-related free school meals.

Please visit the following website form further guidance:


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Berlin/Krakow Trip Refund

Berlin/Krakow Trip
Further to our letter to you on the 12 March with our intentions to cancel the trip I can confirm that we have now cancelled the trip. As the trip was cancelled by us we are
only due to get back 20% from the tour operator NST under their cancelation charges. However, we are in the process of claiming back the remainder of the money with the Department for Education Risk Protection Arrangement for academies.

Please read the letter below for more details:

Berlin/Krakow Letter -Refund (pdf)

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Support During the Closure

Support During the Closure

Please be aware that our pastoral and safeguarding teams are still available during the school closure. If there are any issues that you feel we should know about, or anything that you feel we can help with, please email or phone with your enquiry and we will endeavor to get back to you as soon as possible.

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Free School Meals

Free School Meals

If your child would normally receive a free school meal, we will be able to provide a packed lunch for them during the school closure that can be collected from main reception, starting tomorrow. Please could you let us know by 2pm today, by emailing fsm@trinity.cumbria.sch.uk if you would like to use this service. If you are unable to email, please phone school to let us know. Please let us know if there are any special dietary requirements that we need to be aware of. If you decide to use this service, packed lunches will be available to collect between 12pm and 1pm each day, in the airlock at main reception.

Trinity School

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COVID-19 Update

Dear Parents/Carers

As you know we are closed until Monday 23rd March due to the two confirmed cases of COVID-19.  You will be pleased to hear that those affected are recovering well. 

We have asked teachers to set work for the week ahead.  It is important to note that, whilst students without symptoms need not self-isolate, they should be working at home.

Work will be set using our existing online systems (ClassCharts, email or website.) If you are unable to access work via these systems please let us know via your child’s Year Tutor and we will try to send suitable work home....

Please read the letter below for the full update:

Parental letter 13 March 2020 (pdf)

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History Revision Guide

Dear Parent/Carer
History Revision Guide
Hodder have just updated their GCSE History Revision Guide which now covers all four of our units....

Please read the letter below for more information:

Revision Guide Letter (pdf)

Hodder Education

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For current Y7, Y8 students only.

We are excited to be proposing a school tour to Belgium and France to enhance our History curriculum for students.

Key details about the planned trip:

  • 5 days and 4 night(s)
  • Departs on 5 July 2021
  • Returns on 9 July 2021
  • The purpose of the trip is to enhance the learning experience of students; to visit historic sites; to pay our respects to former students of the school who fell in the Great War

For much more information about this trip please read the letter below:

WW1 Tour Letter (pdf)

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Please Download our Prospectus

Trinity-Prospectus-2019 (pdf)

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Transition to Trinity Guide

Year 7 Parents and Carers,
Our Transition to Trinity information is available here:
Trinity Yr7 Transition Guide 2019 - 2020 (pdf)

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MFL: Yr 7 - 11 Dictionaries and Language Booklets


We are very much looking forward to your child being as successful as they can in their language learning in the next academic year. It would be very beneficial that your child attends each language lesson with a dictionary, which would support their learning.

Please read the letter below for more information:

Y7-11 Dictionaries (pdf)

Language Booklets - Yr 11 Revision Guides

As part of your child being as well prepared and as successful as possible in their language GCSE, we would like to inform you about the CGP GCSE French/ Spanish revision guide that is available to purchase.

Please read the letter below for more information:

Y11 Revision Guide (pdf)

Our Language Booklets for Yr 9 & 10 French and Spanish are also available to view and download here: Booklets Folder 


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Music Tuition - Information letter and forms

Dear Parent/Carers

Please find below 2019-20 Music tuition letters and forms to be returned to the finance office:

1 Music YR7 Trial Endangered

2 Music YR 7 Guitar

3 Music Tuition 8-10 12

4 Music tuition 11 13 yrs

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Ofsted Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have now received the final report from Ofsted following their visit to the school on Wednesday, 13th March for a section 8, one day inspection. The report is available below and will be published on Ofsted’s own website on Wednesday, 24th April. We are pleased to tell you that the school continues to be graded as a good school.

Please read the information below:

Ofsted Letter (pdf)

Ofsted Final Report (pdf)

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SEND inspection – Ofsted

Dear Parents/Carers,
Please read the letter below concerning Inspection of Cumbria County Council local area’s effectiveness in identifying and meeting the needs of, and improving outcomes for, children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

SEND inspection letter (pdf)

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GDPR - Privacy Notice


Trinity School is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with its legal obligations under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018. Please find below Trinity Schools Privacy Statement in relation to this new regulation.

Trinity School - Privacy Notice (pdf)

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SIAMS Report

Dear parents and carers,
In addition to the visits we get from Ofsted, as a Church of England school we are subject to an additional inspection: the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMs). This takes place every five years and Trinity was inspected on 18th and 19th October 2016....

Letter and full report below:

SIAMS letter to parent/carers (pdf)

Trinity SIAMS Report - 2016 (pdf)

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Homework Planners

In a move to ensure that standards of recording homework are consistent across the school, we would appreciate it if you could reinforce the following with your child/children when signing their planners on a weekly basis. All homework must have these key pieces of information recorded in the planners:

  • Subject which set the homework.
  • Details about the task to be completed.
  • Due date for the homework.

For more information read the letter below:

Use of Planners (pdf)

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Performance Tables

View our Performance Tables on gov.uk.

Or visit our Performance visit page.

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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

PP statement 2019-2020 (pdf)

Pupil premium strategy and catch-up funding statement (secondary) 2017-2018 (pdf)

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to help raise the attainment of pupil premium pupils and support them in reaching their full potential.

Students are eligible if they meet any of the criteria listed below:

  • They have received Free School Meals at any point in the last 6 years.
  • They are in the care of the Local Authority
  • They are the children of Service Personnel

Read more in the letter below:

PP Letter Yr7-11 (pdf)

Details of how we use this money to support the students in the curriculum are included from the links below:

PP statement 2018-2019 (docx)

PP statement 2018-2019 (pdf)

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Year 7 Catch-Up

Sixth Form - Parents' Online Booking

Sixth Form Parents' Evening Booking System

Please visit:  https://trinity6thform. parentseveningsystem.co.uk  to book an online appointment. Parents' Guide for Booking Appointments can also be viewed here - ParentGuide (pdf). A map of our Sixth Form School building is available to view here: Sixth Form Map
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Lower School - Parents' Evening Booking System

Lower School Parents' Evening Booking System

Please visit our Lower School Parents' Evening Booking system.

Parents' Guide for Booking Appointments can also be viewed here - ParentGuide (pdf).

A map of our school layout can be viewed here: TrinitySchoolmap-Oct-2019 (pdf)


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School Maps

A map of our school layout can be viewed here: TrinitySchoolmap-Oct-2019 (pdf)

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