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Information for Year 7 students joining us in September

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Welcome to Trinity School’s website; thank you for visiting us. We hope that this website helps you to gain a clear picture of life and work in our school. We think that what you will see is a vibrant and thriving community, with a strong sense of common purpose and a consistent focus on high standards.

Although we are a large school, which allows us to offer a wide range of courses and activities, we try to behave as if we were a very small one, with a ‘village’ feel and a big emphasis on the unique importance of each individual. We make no apology for our focus on high standards as we want the best for every one of our students: we insist on high standards in approach to learning and in behaviour. We work to offer a high standard of education and of pastoral care. We encourage responsibility, both for self and for others. Each student is encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning, and to be responsible in the way they treat others, both in school and in the world beyond school. Responsibility and care for others reflects the Christian ethos of our school.

We also seek to provide wide ranging opportunities both within the curriculum we offer and in activities beyond the curriculum so that we educate the whole person and prepare our students well for life..



First Day of Term Last Day of Term Half Term Week
Autumn Term 2020
Wednesday 2nd September
Friday 18th December Monday 26th October –
Friday 30th October
Spring Term 2021
Tuesday 5th January
Thursday 1st April Monday 15th February –
Friday 19th February
Summer Term 2021
Monday 19th April
Friday 16th July Good Friday – 2nd April
Easter Sunday – 4th April
Easter Monday – 5th April
Half Term:
Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June
Early May Bank Holiday – 3rd May




To view future Term Dates please visit Cumbria County Council’s Term and Holiday Dates page here

NOTE to Parents and Carers: If you require a Leave of Absence Request please download the document below:

Leave of Absence Form – Sept 2020 (.doc)

To use staff Remote Access please use Internet Explorer


20 November 2020 Parent/Carer Letter

20 November 2020

Dear Parent/Carer
As you know, it is of vital importance for students’ learning and wellbeing that we remain open. We have this week, reminded all students of our expectations of behaviour and we continue to monitor the small minority of students that are not following Covid related rules. Students are mostly doing their bit to keep the Trinity community safe under difficult circumstances. We have been lucky that many of our staff have not had to isolate and where they have, they have been able to teach from home as much as possible using technology. We know that things are not normal for our students, but as Christmas approaches, we will be planning activities (remotely or in bubbles) for them and rewards for the students that have impressed us the most this term.


20 November 2020 Parental/Carer Letter (pdf)


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CCC Covid-19 Information

Dear Parents and Carers,

11 November 2020

Please read the letter below from Cumbria County Council on COVID-19:

This year continues to be very challenging for families and for schools. COVID-19 has meant disruption to pupil’s education and significant changes to how schools are run. As the virus has spread around the county many schools have had to take action because of confirmed COVID-19 infections among staff or pupils. Sometimes this has required whole schools to close for a period, but more commonly small groups or ‘bubbles’ have been required to selfisolate at home.

Read the full letter below:

11.11.20 - Letter to Parents PDF

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Progress and Pastoral - Yr7-11s

10 November 2020
Dear Parent/Carer,

During these difficult times we have shared with students our expectations of behaviour in relation to normal classroom practice and also our specific ‘covid rules’ to keep students safe. The majority of students have impressed us with their willingness to help the Trinity family and their appreciation for how hard their teachers are working in this ‘new normal’ to keep them safe. We have learned from the small number of cases of Covid-19 within the school community that, when students follow the covid rules, we are able to send home much smaller numbers of students to isolate. When we are unable to say with a degree of certainty that students have kept within their friendship groups, this leads to the track and trace process taking longer as we look through CCTV footage to be sure that we have all contacts. Public Health have told us that we must be 100% confident that we have traced every contact to avoid a larger number of students staying at home. They assess the risk with us asking questions about symptoms and touch, as well as close contacts.

To read more information please view the letter below:

Progress and Pastoral letter 101120 (pdf)


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Covid-19 All Year 10 TL 04/11/20

4 November 2020

Dear Parents/Carers
Re: Year 10
We are writing to remind you of what you can expect in terms of remote education during the Year 10 isolation period. We sent you our protocol earlier in the year, hoping that we would not need to use it for a full year group closure.


Covid 19 All Year 10 TL 04/11/20



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Year 10 isolation

Dear Parents/Carers

Year 10
As you are aware, we have had a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the Year 10 bubble. Since sending students home earlier today, we have been conducting our track and trace procedure to attempt to identify close contacts of the positive case. However, following a risk assessment with Public Health this evening, I am sorry to have to tell you that their advice is to ask all Year 10 to self-isolate for 14 days. The date for returning to school will be Tuesday 17th November 2020. No other household contacts need to isolate at this time.

Please read the full letter below for more information:

C19 All Yr 10 031120 (pdf)

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Compulsory wearing of face coverings

Dear Parent/Carer

Compulsory wearing of face coverings from Thursday 5th November 2020

I wrote to you before the holiday about the school’s policy on wearing face coverings linked to the government’s Covid-19 alert level system. This was in light of the increasing rates of infection in the Carlisle area and the likelihood that we would move into a higher tier. As you know, Carlisle moved into the High Alert Level (Tier 2) on Saturday 31st October. The government’s current guidance to schools is clear that schools in any area in Tier 2 or higher, students should wear face masks:

“When an area moves to the local COVID alert level ‘high’ or ‘very high’, in education settings where year 7 and above are educated, face coverings should be worn by adults (staff and visitors) and pupils when moving around indoors, such as in corridors and communal areas where social distancing is difficult to maintain. As in the general approach, it will not usually be necessary to wear face coverings in the classroom, where protective measures already mean the risks are lower, and they may inhibit teaching and learning.”

You can read the full government guidance by following the link below:

Read more, including our school regulations, in the letter below:

C19 Face Coverings (02_11_20) (pdf)


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Bali Information Evening

Dear Parents and Carers

World Challenge 2022: Bali
We invite you to attend an information evening to hear about our next empowering form of overseas learning that is set to take place in Bali in 2022. We are proud to be partnering with World Challenge again, to bring a unique experience that will give our students the opportunity to become true life-learners and global citizens. Previous expeditions to India and Vietnam have proven life-changing for students with one describing it as “A truly invaluable experience.”

Parent Letter- Bali Information Evening


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Autumn 2020 Half Term Message

23 October 2020
Dear Parent/Carer
As we approach the end of the first half term, I wanted to write to update you about some minor changes to how we will operate after half term.

End of half term Letter


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Y11 VPE Feedback Form

23 October 2020
Dear Parent/Carer
Re: Year 11 Virtual Parents’ Evening Feedback/Comments
Many thanks to all parents/carers who joined appointments this week. If you had appointments please advise if this was helpful to you and/or if you have any ideas how this event can be improved in the future by following the link below and completing the online reply slip.
Y11 Virtual Parents' Eve Feedback/Comments

Yours faithfully
J Hawkin (Ms)

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22nd October 2020

S.H.I.N.E. continues to provide emergency food parcels, including fruit and vegetables for anyone who is in need. Contact the S.H.I.N.E. Help Desk on 01697 927005 for more information.

Carlisle Food Bank

0800 783 1966

Longtown Food Bank

01228 791739

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Autumn Half Term Activities

22nd October 2020

To make it easier for parents who are looking for childcare and activities for their children over the Autumn half term break, the Local Authority and partners have pulled together this list of available services and activities. This list is available on our website at:

Half Term Activities Newsletter


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Food Provisions

Food Provision 

Dear Parent/Carer

Unfortunately, our catering provision will continue to be short staffed for the remainder of the week. We were able to provide food today as we hoped. So, for the rest of the week:

  • There will be no break time food in any year group
  • Year 7, 8 and 9 pre-ordered food (slips done in form time the previous day) will be available
  • There will be a hot food service for Year 7, 8 and 9, although with a simplified menu
  • All students who have a free school meal will have cold food provided. They will need to pre-order this in advance – pastoral staff will arrange this.
  • Students in Year 10 and 11 (except those who have a free school meal) must bring a packed lunch as there will be no service in the Cafe. Students should also bring a drink with them.
  • Sixth Form can also pre-order food, there will be a limited service and students can bring a packed lunch

Thank you for, again, your patience and support during these difficult times.

Trinity School

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Year 8 Virtual Parents’ Evening Feedback/Comments

16 October 2020

Dear Parent/Care

Many thanks to all parents/carers who joined appointments this week.
If you had appointments please advise if this was helpful to you and/or if you have any ideas how this event can be improved in the future by following the link below and completing the online reply slip.
Year 8 Virtual Parents' Evening Feedback/Comments

Parental Feedback Request Form Letter

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Year 11 Virtual Parents’ Evening - Thursday 22 October 2020

13 October 2020

Dear Parent/Carer
Re: Year 11 Virtual Parents’ Evening - Thursday 22 October 2020 We hope that you will be able to attend the virtual evening to speak with your son/daughter’s subject teachers. To facilitate the discussions, we are using our existing Parents Evening Booking System as a video conferencing option. Accessing this booking system as you normally do will allow you to select an appointment with the appropriate members of staff. Appointments will last 6 minutes but will always finish at the specified time. The booking system will be open to make appointments from Friday 16 October at 10.00 am and will close on Thursday 22 October at 12.15 pm.


Invitation To Year 11 Virtual Parents Evening

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Parent/Carer Letter 13th Oct 2020

13th October 2020

Dear Parents/Carers
At Trinity School we are fully aware that we are working in unprecedented times. We hope that the learning of students will be undisrupted as we move forward into the academic year. However, we know that there may be times when individual members of staff or students are unable to be in school to focus on teaching and learning – if they are self-isolating, for example. We are also aware that the national situation is more nuanced than it was in the spring: small groups or individuals are being asked to self-isolate, rather than schools being fully closed. We have had to plan for a full range of circumstances that may occur, and you can find a guide to the online learning we will provide in a variety of scenarios sent with this letter. If you think that there may be an issue with accessing learning online, please make sure that your child’s Head of Year is aware of this, to ensure that alternative arrangements can be made Thanks for supporting your child’s learning in the last six months.

Teaching and Learning Scenarios - Parent-Carer (pdf)

Parent-Carer letter 13th October 2020 (pdf)

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Year 8 Virtual Parents’ Evening

6 October 2020

Dear Parent/Carer
Re: Year 8 Virtual Parents’ Evening - Thursday 15 October 2020
We hope that you will be able to attend the virtual evening to speak with your son/daughter’s subject teachers. To facilitate the discussions, we are using our existing Parents Evening Booking System as a video conferencing option. Accessing this booking system as you normally do will allow you to select an appointment with the appropriate members of staff. Appointments will last 6 minutes but will always finish at the specified time. The booking system will be open to make appointments from Thursday 8 October at 10.00 am and will close on Thursday 15 October at 12.15 pm.

Year 8 Virtual Parents Evening


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Public Health Survey

Dear Parent/Carer,

Public Health Surveys

The Public Health 5-19 Service is a new service introduced throughout Cumbria in April 2017. The service comprises of a small team of Public Health Specialist Nurses who are based within the 6 localities where they are available to work with schools to identify and address the health and wellbeing needs of children and families.

Survey Letter


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Information Letter

29 September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers
I wanted to write to update you about how the school deals with confirmed cases of coronavirus in order to act quickly to keep staff and students safe. Last week we were informed about a very small number of positive Covid-19 cases within the school community, all separate from each other. Of the four positive cases, two of the individuals did not display any symptoms and one of these was part of the government’s random testing programme. The cases affected students in the Key Stage 3 bubbles and the Sixth Form bubble, but not all students in each bubble were affected. Then we are told about a positive test, we begin our own internal track and trace systems.

Parent/Carer Information Letter


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Home School Agreement

By sending your child to Trinity
School, we will presume consent to
this agreement and that you have
agreed to follow government
guidance on staying alert and safe.

Home school agreement COVID-19

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A Confirmed Case of Covid-19

23rd September 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

We have been advised that we have a confirmed case of Covid-19 in the school community.

Covid-19 Parent Carer letter 230920



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Y10 Information Evening


As we are not able to hold a Y10 Information Evening in the usual way in school, please follow the link to view a filmed presentation of the information you would have received:


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Biometric Information

Dear Parent/Carer

Re:  Notification of Intention to Process Students’ Biometric Information

All our cash tills, door entries and photocopiers read biometric information.  If you do not wish your child to be involved they will be issued with a card which they can use for all the identified systems.  The vast majority of our existing students have signed up for this system. 


Biometric Information (pdf)

Biometric Information (.doc)

Please Sign A Copy And Return


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New Start-Finish Times

Dear Parent/Carer

Having watched the flow of bubbles in and out of school, we feel that we can alter the start/end of day times to give more time in school. Please see the new times for some year groups highlighted below: 

New Start-Finish Times (pdf)

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Covid 19 absence: A quick guide 15th sept 2020

15th September 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Children should not attend school if they have at least one of the coronavirus symptoms which are:

  • a high temperature (37.8°C or above. If you don’t have a thermometer, feeling hot to the touch on your chest or back is a good indicator of a high temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough (this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours. If you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)
  • a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.

Covid 19 absence: A quick guide 15th sept 2020

A simple guide for parents and carers

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Headteacher Letter 14th Sept 2020

14th September 2020

Dear Parent/Carer
Now that the first full week of term is complete, I wanted to write to pass on our congratulations to all students for playing their part in helping to keep our school community safe. With many new rules and routines to learn, students have lived up to our motto of Standards, Responsibility, Opportunity, for all. Lessons have been focused and productive, with high standards of learning, students have shown responsibility by listening and following important safety messages and this has created new opportunities for year groups to be closer than ever in their bubbles. We have had very few instances of students who are not following the Covid-19 behaviour rules.


Headteacher letter 140920

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School Reopening

Dear Parents/Carers

Full Reopening of Trinity School - Guidance for Parents


  1. Introduction
  2. School operations
  3. Curriculum, behaviour and pastoral support
  4. Assessment and accountability
  5. Contingency planning
  6. Conclusion
  7. Appendices

Reopening information for parents - 14th Sept 20 (pdf)

School Transport Arrangements from September 2020 (pdf)

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Return to Trinity: FAQs

Return to Trinity School: Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why are students sent outside at break?
In order to keep students separate in their bubbles we have split each yard in half, giving a space for four year groups (7-10) As there are 270 students in each year group, outside space, with fresh air and room to mix safely in a bubble, is safest. Students should bring a coat/waterproof to wear outside. Two of the outside spaces have shelters for students to sit underneath. Students in year 11 do not have an outside space at break but have a much larger indoor area than other year groups. At lunchtime, all students have access to a dining area and an outside space, so they can spread out even further. We have contingency plans for wet breaks, but these areas are smaller, so outside is safest, even in light drizzle!


Return to Trinity School FAQs

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Recent Social Media Activity

9 September 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Inappropriate Social Media Activity

We have been alerted to the fact that extremely disturbing and inappropriate material is being circulated between students, across various social media platforms.  This is causing distress to many.

Please be aware of the advice we are sharing with students below, in support of your own ongoing vigilance at home.

Read More

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Instrumental and Singing Lessons

Dear all,

Instrumental/singing lessons will resume in school next week.

Students studying A-level and GCSE music receive a weekly instrumental lesson, as part of their course, free of charge.  For other students there is a charge for these lessons and those taking them will either be invoiced by school or by the instrumental/singing teacher.

Woodwind, Brass, Guitar and Cello lessons are provided by the music service and for these lessons you will be invoiced by school.  The charges for these lessons are

Group lesson – £10 per week

Individual lesson - £20 per week


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Home to School Transport

To Parents of Pupils and Students who travel to School on a fare paying bus service


Due to Social Distancing guidelines, to reduce the spread of COVID19, capacity on local bus services is now much reduced.

Please read the letter below for more information:

20-08-28 Home To Education (v2) (pdf)

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Message from Cumbria County Council

Dear Parents and Carers,
Returning to school safely in September
The past six months have been unprecedented and the closure of schools put huge pressure on parents and carers trying ensure their children’s education continued at home. Thank you to all of you.
Government policy is that all schools will reopen to all pupils in September. This is good news. But while many children and young people will be looking forward to getting back, meeting friends and restarting classes, we know that some will be anxious about returning. The same may be true for parents and carers.

Please read the full letter below for more information:

Letter to parents (pdf)

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Face Coverings

Dear Parents/Carers

26th August 2020

Following the change in government advice late yesterday, we are reviewing the school’s position on face coverings.  As the announcement was made in the media before letting schools know directly, we will need to review the detail of the updated government guidance before making a final decision on this issue.  Please note that it is likely that government guidance may change over the coming weeks as schools return and we will update the information sent yesterday on a regular basis and let you know each time this happens.  The guidance on the website (using the coronavirus updates tab) will always be the most up to date version and is dated in the bottom left hand corner for clarity.  Thank you for your patience.

Trinity School

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School Update - Next Term

Dear Parents/Carers

This will be my last communication of the school year and I will be in touch again mid-August with more details about September. We plan to send FAQs (frequently asked questions), the Covid home school agreement, our interim Covid behaviour procedures and detailed instructions for each year group then. You can still view the voiced PowerPoint which outlines how students will be taught in September and the risk assessments from the website. We are busy putting everything in place to keep children and staff safe.

Please read the full letter below for more information:

Parental letter 17 July 2020 (pdf)

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Summer holiday activity directories

Summer holiday activity directories

To support parents and carers looking for childcare and activities during the school summer holidays 2020, Cumbria County Council and partners have launched an online directory for each district of Cumbria which lists local options for holiday camps, childcare providers and other support services and activities.  

We hope the directory makes it easier for parents and carers to find information about available services. We also aim to support childcare and activity providers to publicise their offer to parents and carers as they begin to restart activities.

You can find the directory for your area at

We will be updating the directories on a regular basis as we receive more information. If you have any listings to add to the directory, please contact

We will also be posting information about events and activities on our Facebook page @ChildrenandFamiliesInformationService throughout the summer holidays.

There is further guidance for parents about attending out of school settings available on the government website at

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School Uniform Shop Info

The School Uniform Shop will be open from Monday 15th June - 10am-4pm

Please refer to Trinity School guides regarding acceptable styles/lengths of skirts and trousers before purchasing.

Please read the Guides below and the link to our Uniform page:

School Uniform Shop Info (pdf)

Uniform 20-21 Visual Guide (pdf)

School Uniform Page

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Young Leader Award

18 May 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

Young Leader Award

As you are aware, Year 8 Students have been following the Archbishop Youth Trust Young Leaders Award this year in Religious Studies. The Archbishop of York Youth Trust exists to empower our young people to ‘be the change you want to see’ in their schools, communities and the world! The community activities involve personal volunteering work, in school charity work and wider community service.

Please read the letter below for more information:

RS - Y8 Arch Bishop Award (pdf)

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Dear Parent/Carer 

You may have seen the notification that ParentPay were to generate an automatic refund of all School Meal balances – this was to be done once they had received the funds from Schools/Catering Companies. However, they have now withdrawn this offer.

The school position is that all balances will remain on the student’s cards for them to use on their return to school.

Please read the full letter below which includes a link to the Refund Form:

Parentpay-School-Meals-Refunds-Form (pdf)

Refund Form direct link.


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Please Download our Prospectus

Trinity Prospectus 2020-2021(pdf)

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Transition to Trinity Guide

Year 7 Parents and Carers,
Our Transition to Trinity information is available here:
Trinity Yr7 Transition Guide 2019 - 2020 (pdf)

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MFL: Yr 7 - 11 Dictionaries and Language Booklets


We are very much looking forward to your child being as successful as they can in their language learning in the next academic year. It would be very beneficial that your child attends each language lesson with a dictionary, which would support their learning.

Please read the letter below for more information:

Y7-11 Dictionaries (pdf)

Language Booklets - Yr 11 Revision Guides

As part of your child being as well prepared and as successful as possible in their language GCSE, we would like to inform you about the CGP GCSE French/ Spanish revision guide that is available to purchase.

Please read the letter below for more information:

Y11 Revision Guide (pdf)

Our Language Booklets for Yr 9 & 10 French and Spanish are also available to view and download here: Booklets Folder 


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Music Tuition - Information letter and forms

Dear Parent/Carers

Please find below 2019-20 Music tuition letters and forms to be returned to the finance office:

1 Music YR7 Trial Endangered

2 Music YR 7 Guitar

3 Music Tuition 8-10 12

4 Music tuition 11 13 yrs

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Ofsted Report

Dear Parents and Carers,

We have now received the final report from Ofsted following their visit to the school on Wednesday, 13th March for a section 8, one day inspection. The report is available below and will be published on Ofsted’s own website on Wednesday, 24th April. We are pleased to tell you that the school continues to be graded as a good school.

Please read the information below:

Ofsted Letter (pdf)

Ofsted Final Report (pdf)

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SEND inspection – Ofsted

Dear Parents/Carers,
Please read the letter below concerning Inspection of Cumbria County Council local area’s effectiveness in identifying and meeting the needs of, and improving outcomes for, children and young people who have special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

SEND inspection letter (pdf)

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GDPR - Privacy Notice


Trinity School is committed to protecting the rights and privacy of individuals in accordance with its legal obligations under the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018. Please find below Trinity Schools Privacy Statement in relation to this new regulation.

Trinity School - Privacy Notice (pdf)

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SIAMS Report

Dear parents and carers,
In addition to the visits we get from Ofsted, as a Church of England school we are subject to an additional inspection: the Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMs). This takes place every five years and Trinity was inspected on 18th and 19th October 2016....

Letter and full report below:

SIAMS letter to parent/carers (pdf)

Trinity SIAMS Report - 2016 (pdf)

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Homework Planners

In a move to ensure that standards of recording homework are consistent across the school, we would appreciate it if you could reinforce the following with your child/children when signing their planners on a weekly basis. All homework must have these key pieces of information recorded in the planners:

  • Subject which set the homework.
  • Details about the task to be completed.
  • Due date for the homework.

For more information read the letter below:

Use of Planners (pdf)

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Performance Tables

View our Performance Tables on

Or visit our Performance visit page.

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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

PP statement 2019-2020 (pdf)

Pupil premium strategy and catch-up funding statement (secondary) 2017-2018 (pdf)

What is Pupil Premium?

The Pupil Premium is additional funding for publicly funded schools in England to help raise the attainment of pupil premium pupils and support them in reaching their full potential.

Students are eligible if they meet any of the criteria listed below:

  • They have received Free School Meals at any point in the last 6 years.
  • They are in the care of the Local Authority
  • They are the children of Service Personnel

Read more in the letter below:

PP Letter Yr7-11 (pdf)

Details of how we use this money to support the students in the curriculum are included from the links below:

PP statement 2018-2019 (docx)

PP statement 2018-2019 (pdf)

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Year 7 Catch-Up

Lower School - Parents' Evening Booking System

Lower School Parents' Evening Booking System

Please visit our Lower School Parents' Evening Booking system.

Parents' Guide for Booking Appointments can also be viewed here - Parent Guide.

A map of our school layout can be viewed here: TrinitySchoolmap-Oct-2019 (pdf)


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