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Trinity School Curriculum

The curriculum at Trinity is an exciting one. With the range of specialist staff and facilities available, we can provide much more than just the basic National Curriculum. Language College status provides a particular advantage in this regard. Developing partnerships with other local schools and colleges enables us to extend our curriculum beyond the normal boundaries.

Our aim is the provision of a high quality curriculum for all pupils, whatever their ability in particular curriculum areas, with individual tailoring. The use of setting, and the expertise and patience of our excellent Learning Support Department, allow all pupils to be stretched and supported as their abilities in each subject develop. Our well established Pathways approaches in Year 10/11 and in the Sixth Form which better tailor the curriculum to the needs of individual students.

It is the school’s policy to set homework on a regular basis and this may take many forms, more usually research or learning. We ask for the support of parents and carers in encouraging high standards. We are striving for ever better examination results, following significant improvements in the last three years, but we also emphasise the importance of the education of the whole person, and the fact that many of the qualities which are important to school leavers cannot be measured by examinations.

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