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Welcome to Trinity School

Trinity School has a long history: in 685 there was a school in Carlisle for Christians founded by St Cuthbert. It wasn’t Trinity, of course, but the plaque by the door of the Carliol building notes the tradition of learning, based on Christian teaching, which was established all those years ago.

Trinity also has a short history: in 1968, it was formed when the Creighton and Margaret Sewell School joined with the Carlisle Grammar School. Even since then, there have been substantial changes to the buildings, and to our character, as we have become an Academy.

Although Trinity School is a relatively large school this brings with it great opportunities, for the range of subjects and activities that we can offer. It also brings home to us the importance of looking after each individual student, from the day of arrival. We do a great deal to make sure that each student does really well.

This means that we monitor and encourage progress closely, and make sure that the partnership between the school and home works effectively. It is the cornerstone of our work. We see it as a privilege to look after and to educate the young people in our care.

We are committed to simple policies – for example, there should be no bullying whatsoever in the school. If there is, we shall act quickly to put it right. We aim to be a happy and safe environment for all.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far. We know how important it is that we continue to provide the best possible service that we can. We look forward to our partnership with you in the coming years.

Trinity School Prayer

The Trinity School Prayer was written by students, with the help from Canon Michael Manley and the school chaplain. The prayer was commissioned by the Archbishop of York when he visited the school in January 2014 to celebrate the completion and the rebuilding of the 11-16 school.

God of Adventure,

You call us to follow your Son,

in transforming the world:

inspire our minds by your Spirit

and fill our hearts with your love,

that we may grow into the people you intend,

reflect your life in the world

and bring all those we love to you

for the sake of Him who gave His all for us, Jesus Christ.


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