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Trinity School GCSE Pod

GCSEPod is a digital learning platform for secondary schools that provides content for key KS3 subjects and 30+ GCSE subjects, covering all exam boards. It is proven to help students achieve at least one grade higher on average than non-users. GCSEPod uses scientifically proven learning techniques to engage students in a way that builds confidence and self-belief, encouraging them to work smarter not harder.

Your child will have been provided with network login details to access Office365 and these same log in details can be used to access GCSEPod.  These logins are given out in the first term of Year 7 or to students and parents as they join our school throughout the year.

 We use this resource as it offers students:

  • 24/7 access
  • quality homework and revision materials
  • Apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

To keep up to date on the move please download the GCSEPod app, you will then be sent push notifications to let you know what homework is due that has been set on GCSEPod.

If you’d like to get in touch with the school about GCSEPod or provide feedback, please contact

Getting started as a parent.

Join the thousands of parents/carers encouraging their children to use GCSEPod to support learning, homework and revision throughout their secondary school journey.

  • 30+ GCSE subjects
  • 4 KS3 subjects
  • Available online and offline
  • Audio visual learning
  • Builds confidence
  • Revision & learning videos
  • Knowledge checkers to test understanding

GCSEPod understand how important it is to support your child during their GCSEs, so they have created a page full of resources, especially for you. Here you can discover parent user guides and quick start guides, and you can explore how to support your child. Parent Resources – GCSEPod

Trinity School GCSE Pods

Watched this academic year

Getting Started as a Student

Why do we provide you access to GCSEPod?

GCSEPod is one website for nearly all of your subjects, accessible anywhere and everywhere with over 7,500+ Pods that are constantly being updated.  Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge needed for exam success into short 3-5 minute chunks to help you with learning, homework & revision. Data shows that students regularly using GCSEPod can achieve 1 additional grade higher in each subject.

We use single sign on (SSO) so this means that you can log on using your school Office 365 account which is your normal network username and password.

If it is the first time you have logged on:

  1. Go to and click Login
  2. Click the Sign in with Office 365 button
  3. Pick an account (your school email)
  4. Set a password for your account and click save

You are now logged in and ready to use GCSEPod.  All of your subjects have been preset for you.  Next time you log in just repeat steps 1 and 2.

How do I complete homework on GCSEPod?

Completing your homework on GCSEPod is easy.  Once you have logged on your assignments will show up on your homepage.  Just click to open and away you go.

Can I do independent work on GCSEPod?

Absolutely! You can search for pods on any topics to watch or create your own customised playlists to help you revise for tests or exams that are coming up.  There is also “check and challenge” look for the C&C symbol or the diamond beside the pods

To find out more about GCSEPod and how it can help you go to: Students – GCSEPod

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