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Trinity School Sixth Form Library

The 6th Form Library is the learning resource centre and study area designed exclusively for 6th Form students.

The library has three comfortable areas for silent individual study, quiet collaborative work and research. In addition we have a bank of laptop computers available to support your study.

There is also a Careers Library which is well-stocked with the latest university prospectuses, information about university applications, apprenticeships and job searching. Please also contact Mrs Ewing, the information and guidance officer, if you require more detailed information or go to Careers Advice

Students are free to use the library at any time during the school day.
Sixth Form students are also able to use Chapman Library.

Opening Times:
Monday –  Thurdsday: 8.15am – 4.00pm
Friday: 8:15am – 3:15pm


In 2015 a review of the literature by the Reading Agency identified that reading has many benefits including: increased vocabulary and general knowledge, greater self-esteem and life satisfaction, increased empathy and self-understanding, better moods and relationships and less stress.

With this in mind, Y12 students will be encouraged to read during their time at Sixth Form and will have access to an extensive range of classic and contemporary fiction; non-fiction books and a selection of magazines and journals. 

Wider Reading – Advice for Students

One of the key differences between GCSE and A Level is the importance of wider reading. To really get ahead during your two years of A Level study, you will need to read beyond the confines of your text books and notes in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the material. This is especially true for those of you considering applications to highly competitive courses at top universities.

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