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Welcome to Trinity Library

Carliol Library

This is a dedicated Sixth Form Resource Centre with separate areas for Silent study, and quiet collaborative work and research. It  is open throughout the school day; students are encouraged to make use of the facilities during their free periods.  One of the three experienced librarians is always on hand to offer advice and support.

As well as the wide range of fiction and non-fiction books, eBooks and audiobooks, the library subscribes to a daily newspaper, magazines and academic journals – all to encourage a love of reading and help students to become life-long learners by supporting independent learning. Laptops are also available to borrow.

Why Read in Sixth Form?

Reading for Pleasure: There is an ever-increasing body of research that shows that reading has many benefits including:  increased vocabulary and general knowledge, greater self-esteem and life satisfaction, increased empathy and self-understanding, better moods and relationships and less stress.

Wider Reading:

One of the key differences between GCSE and A Level is the importance of wider reading. To really get ahead during your two years of A Level study, you will need to read beyond the confines of your textbooks and notes in an effort to gain a deeper understanding of the material. This is especially true for those of you considering applications to highly competitive courses at top universities.

Opening Times

Mon – Thur: 8.15-4.00

Fri: 8.15-3.15

The Online Library and website is open 24/7

Here you will find access to the library catalogue, eBooks, audiobooks and lots of other useful information and online resources. To access the dedicated 6th Form dashboard, you must log in using the blue SSO tab at the top right (if you aren’t already logged into Trinity 365, you will need to use your school email details). If required, you can navigate to the 6th Form dashboard using the ‘Dashboards’ tab at the top of the page.

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