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Week Subject Year Group Class code Class Teacher Task
2 French 7 7HG Mrs Bie Check the powerpoint I have e mailed you to learn as many French colours,numbers, family members and animals as possible for your end of term assessment.
2 IT 7 7 HG Mrs Bie Watch following you Tube clips about the 12 days of Christmas
Write your own 12 Days of Christmas about presents you would like ie
12 Ipods playing, 11 mobiles ringing, 10 perfumes spraying etc.
Can be done as a powerpoint, word document or hand written. Make if colourfuland fun.
If done by computer E mail to ABI for marking.
2 SULP 7 7 HG Mrs Bie Design an information poster about the SULP rules. Remember:-
Good listening
Good sitting
Wait to speak
Don’t butt in
Don’t fidget
Don’t distract others
1&2 History 7 7HG Mr. Annette
Read through the sections on the Battle of Hastings, Norman Castles,
The Domesday Book and Celebrations and food.
Look at the little fun facts section.
Write down 3 of your favourite fun facts about the Normans.
The Domesday book maybe new to you.
Why would William need to make a book like this?
Watch the videos on the right of the same web page.
1&2&3 History 7 All After Christmas we will be starting a new topic on the Crusades. Two key individuals involved in the Crusades were Richard I (Lion Heart) & Saladin. Your task over Christmas is to create a project on both individuals this could be a poster, power point, fact file, timeline etc.

The Medieval Church.
Please do the Homelearning Task from Moodle.
You will find it in the History Home learning site Term 1 called The Medieval Church and Monasteries

2&3 Maths 7   AOR Search for Mymaths on the computer. Use the login trinschool and password heptagon. In the search box type -angle sums. Select the first option from the search results and work through the lesson in preparation for January.
2&3 Maths 7 7XY9 Mr Southward Flipped learning. Please use mymaths to look ahead at topics for next term. Go to the angles topic in the shape section, and try the lessons on "angle sums" and "angle reasoning".
2&3 Maths 7 7xy1 Mr Hamilton Complete tasks set on Doddle
2&3 Maths 7 7xy/Ma10 SLA Log onto mymaths (email me if you’ve lost your password) and work on your tables for test the first week back. I’ve set work on different tables. Choose the tables which you need to work on.
2&3 Maths Y7 7MA6 Mrs Riley Please log onto mymaths and complete the tasks which have been set for you – you must ensure that you complete the lesson before you attempt the homework tasks. Please note that you had a homework task set for completiong for the 10th of December and only 10 of you have completed this – I have adjusted the deadline for this task so that you can still do it. There will also be some work on doddle for you to help you with revision.
2&3 Maths 7 7xy5 Mrs Wilson Go to this website – Log in using the school login trinschool and the password heptagon.
On the left click on data, then select Processing Data. From the list choose 5 – All averages. Work through the ‘Lesson’ activity, and then do the homework task. If it asks for further log-in details, just click on ‘next’
Make sure you mark your work, and write down, in your planner, your 2 scores.
2&3 Maths 7 7xy3 Mr Cookson Flipped Learning – Take notes on angle facts (the sum of angles on a straight line, in a triangle and quadrilateral and around a point).
2 Maths 7 7XY5 EHA Please complete the tasks set on Doddle
2 Maths 7 7XY6 EHA Please complete the tasks set on Doddle
2 Maths 7 7xy1 Mr Hamilton Complete homework tasks set on MyMaths. Use lesson to help you. Email me if you need your login or password.
2 Maths 7 7XY9 Mr Southward Please use mymaths to practise questions on the recent topics of multiplication and division, and solving linear equations.
1 Maths 7 7XY9 Mr Southward Please use mymaths to practise questions on the recent topics of multiplication and division, and solving linear equations.
1&2 Maths 7 7xy4 AOR
Work through this arithmetic work
1 Maths 7 7XY2 Miss Turner Use mymaths to answer questions on recent topics:-
Properties of quadrilaterals; Angles in parallel lines; Simplifying expressions; Multiplying and Dividing by powers of ten.
2&3 Maths 7 7XY2 Miss Turner Use mymaths (Number-Fractions-Equivalent Fractions and Fractions of Amounts) to do the 2 exercises on Fractions. These are not on your portal, just use the lessons to learn how to use equivalent fractions and find fractions of amounts. I will be assuming you can do this next term.
2 Maths 7 7xy3 Mr Cookson Complete the tasks set on Doddle.
Email me if you have any issues logging in (e.g username: JoeBloggs15 password: trinityschool)
1 Maths 7 7xy3 Mr Cookson Complete tasks on Mymaths, taking notes where necessary.
1 Maths 7 7xy5 Mrs Wilson Extend your knowledge of averages by looking at the KS3 section of GCSE bitesize, going to the handling data section, and clicking the Averages option. Do the ‘activity tab’ before the revise and test tab.
2&3 Maths 7 7xy/Ma7 Mrs Quinn Integer Methods –
Tasks have been set on mental methods, highest common factor and lowest common multiple.
This is flipped homework to prepare for next term.
3 Maths 7 Home Group Mrs Lynas Task – Learn your 2, 3, 4 and 5 times tables. Ask a member of your family to test your knowledge of these tables.
1&2 Science 7 All All
username:trinitystudent, password: trinityschool.
Use the link to the online text book and your exercise book if you have it at home to revise for a biology test on everything you have done since half term. The test will be the first week back after Christmas. Use the green (science) text book p186-193 and 230-233 (sections called heating houses, keeping homes warm and collecting energy from the sun). Read the green and blue sections and answer the questions. Extension work can be found in the purple sections of the text book – read and answer the questions.
2 English 7 Both NSE’s Groups NSE Please check your school email as NSE has sent you work.
1&2 English 7 All All Gawain and the Green Knight – watch the documentary on the epic poem Gawain and the Green Knight up to 4.20 (no further!). Using the information read to you by the presenter (Simon Armitage) draw a picture of this scene (the entrance of ‘the green knight’) from one of the texts that helped create English Literature. Also, complete these activities here:
1&2 English 7 7x/En3 Mrs Thomas Please check your school email as I have sent work directly to you. Please email me if you have any questions.
1&2 English 7 7xEn6 +
Mrs McCaffery Check your emails for instructions relating to your fantasy story.
1&2 English 7 Home Group Miss Smith Please check your emails as I have sent work out to you. This can be handed back in after Christmas.
1&2 English 7 7×6 Miss Smith Please check your emails as I have sent work out to you. This can be handed back in after Christmas.
3 English 7 Mrs Lynas Task- In line with the History of English work we have been working on this term, please research the language from within our local area . What everyday words used in Carlisle and surrounding areas have been around for many years? Some Anglo-Saxon and Viking words are still used today, what are they? Make a list of different words/language used and state where they originate.
1&2 Design and Technology 7 All DT groups All DT teachers
Follow the link above. If you are not logged on to moodle you will need to enter your username and password (the same as those you use to “log on” to the computers at school). You should then attempt two pieces of work – one should be Y7 DT and the other either Y7 Food or Y7 Textiles (it depends on what you have been taught this term).
2 French & Spanish 7 All Students should begin work on the newly assigned doddle exercises which are based on the new topic for study in January
1 French & Spanish 7 All Complete Doddle assignments and prepare fully for the upcoming planned assessments.
2 Music 7 Mrs Bishop, Mrs Richardson and Mr Vernon Continue with last weeks work – To prepare for January, Listen to and do some research on BAROQUE music and put together a presentation of your findings – this can be a powerpoint, a word search, a poster or a crossword – Try and find out about When the Baroque period was in musical history, who the composers were, what were the famous pieces written in this time and what did the music sound like?
1 Music 7 Mrs Bishop,
Mrs Richardson,
Mr Vernon
To prepare for January, do some research on BAROQUE music and put together a presentation of your findings – What? When? Who? Why? – include info on style, composers, famous pieces. How can you tell if something is ‘baroque’?
1&2 Geography 7 All groups Please see the Geography Department Moodle site for work.
1 Geography 7 All groups Produce a research sheet about two cities in the Southern Hemisphere – the country that they are in, the number of people in that city, what has made that city famous, five facts about the climate of that city and the distance that each city is from London.
1&2 Art 7 All groups Download and complete the following tasks: William Morris presentation (ppt)

If you have access to the internet please research and collect images and facts on William Morris. Draw/copy a section of his print work. This will be used in the coming weeks. If you have no access to the internet please find an example of pattern and draw from it (this could be a wallpaper or fabric design or perhaps a tile or traditional Christmas wrapping paper).

1 RS 7 All ASH.JSM.LSU PAS Ensure you have completed the MLK task that was due to be handed in this week
If you have completed it -try one of the other tasks. All on Moodle
2 RS 7 All ASH.JSM.LSU PAS Read and complete the 4 Advent and Christmas quizzes on Doddle.
There is also a quiz on Moodle -complete this showing the true meaning of Christmas.
3 RS 7 All ASH.JSM.LSU PAS Answer the following questions using Moodle ppt to prepare for our unit on Jesus next term
1.Where was Jesus born?
2.Why was is a problem for Herod.
3.What does the Manger tell us about Jesus?

    Question 2

1.Who visited the baby and what did they find out about the birth?
2.What gifts did they bring and what did they represent?
3.What is the importance of giving at Christmas?

3 Textiles 7 Mrs Lynas Task- Look at the labels on different items of clothing within your house. Find the meaning of the different symbols.