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Welcome to the Trinity School War Memorial Website. We hope you find it interesting.
The aims of the site are to commemorate the Fallen of the Great War who had attended the Carlisle Grammar School for Boys;
to assist in the teaching of the Great War to current students of the school through individual case studies;
and to provide opportunities for research by current students and staff.
This is very much a work in progress and we would encourage you to contact us if you have any information you can add about any of the Old Boys commemorated here.
Please contact Ms Hodgson, Head of History, at if you have any information or queries. Thank you.


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Surname Firstnames Initial Year Address Rank Regiment Cause of Death Place DOB Date of Death Age at Death
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Abram Robert R 1904 Carlisle: 34 Grasmere Street 2nd Lt 3rd Border Regiment KIA Tyne Cot 21/09/1891 26/10/1917 26
  • R Abram
Atkinson Reginald John RJ 1914 Bowness-on-Solway Private Liverpool Regiment Killed in France Cite Bonjean Military Cem Armentieres 03/01/1898 03/06/1917 19 CWGC says died 04/06/1917
Ballantine George Newell GN 1903 Carlisle: 31, Howard Place Unknown Manchester Regiment KIA Gallipoli Helles Memorial 14/08/1894 07/08/1915 20  
Barton Bertie Bowman BB 1893 Unknown L/Cpl KRRC KIA Cambrai Cambrai Mem Louverval 10/02/1884 30/11/1917 33  
Batey James Herbert JH 1907 Longtown: 37 English Street Private 2nd Gordon Highlanders KIA Le Touret Mem 06/11/1893 16/05/1915 21  
Beeby Richard R 1904 Carlisle: 60 Broad Street Unknown Australian Imperial Forces Died of wounds Ebblinghem Military Cem 14/06/1891 09/05/1918 26  
Bell Francis Richard Lowry FRL 1904 Hesket in the Forest: Inglewood House 2nd Lt 2nd Batt Border Regiment KIA Norfolk Cem Becordel-Becourt 27/08/1891 23/02/1916 24
  • Francis Richard Lowry Bell
Bott George G 1897 Culgaith: Ousby Rectory 2nd Lt Rifle Brigade KIA Philosophe British Cem Mazingarbe 30/09/1886 09/02/1917 30
  • George Bott
Bremner Huntley William Bruce HWB 1889 Lincoln Private London Regiment KIA Thiepval 1880 01/07/1916 Unknown
  • Huntley William Bruce - Brother of AB Bremner
Bremner Alastair Bruce AB 1893 Unknown Unknown Unknown Died Livingstone Rhodesia accident Ndola (Kansenshi) Cem. Not war casualty? 27/05/1884 01/01/1918 33 Brother of HWB Bremner
Caird James Robert JR 1901 Carlisle: 7, Warwick Square Captain (reserve) 3rd Batt KOSB Sp KIA Menin Gate Ypres 04/11/1892 23/04/1915 22
  • Ronald James Caird
Calvert Robert Mayson RM 1903 Burgh-by-Sands 2nd Lt Manchester Regiment KIA Serre Road Cem No2 01/03/1896 09/07/1916 20
  • Robert Mayson Calvert
Campbell John Santiago JS 1904 Barrow Captain Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders KIA Unknown 25/07/1891 28/09/1917 26
Lawrence Stanley LS 1892 Brampton: Grange Leutenant (temporary) 49th Canadian Infantry Battalion KIA Vimy Mem 26/06/1882 15/09/1916 34
  • Lawrence Stanley Carrick
Carruthers Henry Senior HS 1909 Carlisle: 35, Rickergate Rifleman 12th County of London Regiment Died in Russia as German POW Nikolai Cem 10/01/1897 06/04/1917 20
Cheverton Stanley Campbell SC 1904 Unknown Lt Border Regiment KIA Quarry Cem Montauban 22/03/1896 27/01/1917 20
  • Stanley Campbell Cheverton
Critchley John Asheton JA 1904 Canada Major (lt-major) Lord Strathcona's Horse Unknown Bray Military Cem 04/11/1892 05/04/1917 24 The Register does not report his death
Curtis William Stafford WS 1900 Carlisle: 5, London Road Private 15th Batt London Regiment KIA at Festubert Le Touret Mem 14/04/1888 27/05/1915 27 CWGC says died 25/05/1915
Edward Stanley ES 1891 Plumbland Private York and Lancaster Regiment KIA Somme Thiepval 01/01/1879 01/07/1916 37
Dixon Edward Leslie EL 1911 Silloth: 10 Caldew St Cpl 15th Durham Light Infantry Died of Wounds in No2 Casualty Clearing Station Fr Bailleul Communal Cem Ext Nord 23/08/1896 11/01/1916 19
  • E L Dixon
Dixon Robert James RJ 1907 Carlisle: 24 Portland Place L/Cpl 10th Middlesex Regiment Died at Lucknow India of enteric Madras Chennai 08/07/1893 28/01/1917 23
  • R J Dixon
Dixon Peter Sydenham PS 1892 Penrith: 7, Howard Terrace Lt Royal Sussex Regiment KIA Ribemont Communal Cem Ext Somme 12/01/1883 07/08/1918 35
  • Brother of AEB Dixon

    Peter Sydenham Dixon


Dixon Arthur Edward Basil AEB 1899 Penrith: 7,Howard Terrace Lt Loyal North Lancacster Died of Wounds received in Belgium Hop Store Cem 26/09/1889 06/06/1915 25
  • Brother of PS Dixon

    AEB Dixon


John J 1905 Carlisle: St Ann's Hill Private Canadians Regiment KIA France Vimy Mem 20/01/1890 09/04/1917 27
  • J Dixon
Dobson Nathaniel George NG 1904 Carlisle: Rose Hill Harrington Lt 1st Cameronians Wounded 23/10/1918 Died at Rouen Hospital St Sever Cem Ext Rouen 30/05/1892 17/11/1918 26
Dodd Joseph J 1906 Gamblesby Private Canadian Contingent KIA Sunken Road Cem Contalmaison 07/02//1892 26/09/1916 24
Dodgson Edward Hughes EH 1893 Cockermouth: Derwent House Captain 5th Battalion Border Regiment Died at Casualty Clearing Station Aire Communal Cem 05/09/1876 03/05/1918 41
  • Edward Hughes Dodgson
Dove Charles Bertram CB 1894 Carlisle: Lismore Terrace Captain Border Regiment KIA Favreuil British Cem 06/07/1884 21/03/1918 33
  • Charles Bertram Dove
Farrar Herbert Ronald HR 1897 Carlisle: St James' Carlisle 2nd Lt 3rd Batt Leicestershire Regiment KIA Dranoutre Military cem 25/07/1887 24/12/1914 27
Forster Charles Cecil CC 1904 Calthwaite: The School House Sgt Leicester Regiment KIA Tyne Cot 10/08/1888 26/09/1917 29
  • Charles Cecil Forster
Foster Robert Clow RC 1904 Carlisle: 81 South Petteril St 2nd Lt Suffolk Regiment KIA Ploegsteert 19/05/1892 10/04/1918 25
  • Robert Clow Foster
James Whaley JW 1905 Yorkshire: Hawes 2nd Lt 15th Northumberland Fusiliers KIA Thiepval 25/02/1892 01/07/1916 24
Gilbanks Richard Parker RP 1904 Great Orton: Great Orton Rectory Lt 6th Border Regiment Killed in the advance on Chocolate Hill Helles Mem 18/04/1891 09/08/1915 24
  • Richard Parker Gilbanks
Glanville Robert R De 1912 Burma Private Cameron Highlanders Missing presumed killed Loos district Loos Mem Unknown 26/09/1915 Unknown
  • R De Glanville
Graham James J 1903 Carlisle: County Mews Lowther St Private Gloucester Regiment KIA Pommereuil 01/01/1887 24/10/1918 31
Graham William W 1908 Carlisle: Moorville House Sgt (CWGC says Corp?) 11th Border Regiment KIA Somme Thiepval? If as reported by CWGC 19/08/1894 01/07/1916 21
  • William Graham
Douglas Ronald Maurice DRB 1912 Wigtonshire Private RM Light Infantry Killed at Paschendaele Ridge Tyne Cot 16/04/1897 07/11/1917 20 CWGC says died06/11/1917
Hay James Blackwood JB 1900 Carlisle: Houghton Hall 2nd Lt 8th York and Lancs Regiment Died in hospital Genoa Staglieno Cem Genoa 18/10/1887 29/10/1918 31
Henderson Walter W 1893 Newtown: 29 Church St and 2 Lawson St 2nd Lt 9th Highland Light Infantry KIA in Belgium on the Menin Road Hooge Crater Cem 30/11/1878 08/03/1918 39
Barton Athur A 1904 Brampton: Shields House 2nd Lt KOY Light Infantry KIA Pozieres 20/08/1888 21/03/1918 29
Higginson Harry Scott HS 1896 Carlisle: Howard Place Cpl 14th Batt Canadian Expeditionary Force Died of wounds in Gen Hospital at Havre Ste Marie Cem Le Havre 28/06/1886 09/08/1915 29
Horan Beresford Karr BK 1899 Carlisle: St John's Vicarage 2nd Lt 30th Wellington Rifles Canadian Exped Force Died from pneumonia following diptheria Unknown 14/01/1892 24/12/1915 23
  • Beresford Karr Horan


Hyndman-Jones Hugh Richard HR 1901 Westmorland: Levens Parsonage Milnthorpe Sgt 22nd Australian Imperial Forces KIA Menin Gate (Listed as Jones) 03/12/1890 04/10/1917 26
Irving William Glaister WG 1909 Silloth: Eden St Third Mate Mercantile Marine Drowned through the torpedoing of SS Sycamore Tower Hill Mem London 06/04/1897 25/08/1917 20
Jackson Walter W 1906 Longtown: 14, Bank St Stoker 3rd Class Royal Navy - HMS Warrior Battle of Jutland Plymouth Naval Memorial 12/11/1894 31/05/1916 21
John Morrison JM 1900 Burgh-by-Sands Private Royal Scots Regiment KIA Somme Thiepval 28/09/1890 01/07/1916 25
Johnson Bernard Arthur BA 1910 Carlisle: 34 Bower St Private London Regiment KIA Le Touret Mem 20/09/1897 26/05/1915 17
Lafone Eric William EW 1905 Carlisle: St Cuthbert's Vicarage Captain 12th Durham Light Infantry - MC Croix-de-Guerre KIA Italy Granezza British Cem 19/04/1896 22/06/1918 22
  • Eric Lafone
Le Tall Cyril Herbert CH 1902 Lincoln Captain London Regiment Killed near Bullicourt Queant Road Cem Buissy 20/09/1888 30/08/1918 29
Leckie Otway Trevor MacRitchie OTM 1891 Carlisle: 11 Chatsworth Square Unknown 104th Rifles Died of wounds Basra 18/08/1882 13/04/1915 32
  • Basra Memorial
Lee John Mitchell JM 1904 Penrith: 38 Brunswick Square 2nd Lt Border Regiment KIA Menin Gate 04/07/1889 27/09/1915 26
  • John Mitchell Lee
Liddell Charles Reeves CR 1905 Carlisle: 27 Etterby St Stanwix Gunner Royal Field Artillery KIA Bienvillers Military Cem 14/05/1892 21/04/1918 25
Little William Keir WK 1893 Carlisle: 73 South Petteril Street Private London Regiment KIA Thiepval 30/07/1879 05/10/1916 37
Malcolm M 1907 Carlisle: 17 Portland Square Private Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders KIA Thiepval 30/06/1897 13/10/1916 19
Mackay John Mitchell JM 1893 Carlisle: West Walls 2nd Lt Royal Engineers KIA Hooge Crater Cem 01/08/1879 10/08/1917 38
  • John Mitchell Mackay
Maxwell Walter W 1903 Carlisle: Cleughside House, Scotland Road 2nd Lt South Wales Borderers Died at Bangalore India Madras Chennai 17/01/1893 11/02/1918 25
McCumiskey Herbert Curry HC 1906 Carlisle: 136 Warwick Road Private Border Regiment. Attached to Oxford&Bucks LI D on active serv Persian Gulf Basra Memorial 20/11/1891 21/11/1915 24
  • H McCumisky
Mellish Thomas Hindson TH 1909 Carlisle: 24 Howe St Sgt Royal Scots Regiment KIA Tyne Cot 05/09/1894 21/10/1917 23 CWGC says died 22/10/1917 & says Hinason
Norman George G 1904 Great Orton: Bow Unknown Otago Regt New Zealand Expeditionary Force KIA in France Tyne Cot 09/03/1890 12/10/1917 27
Parker Christopher Edward CE 1892 Carlisle: Evening Hill Gunner Royal Artillary Died at the Military Hospital Rugeley Camp Rugeley Cem 14/06/1880 27/02/1917 36
Parkin James Dowell JD 1907 Carlisle: 74 Goodwin Terrace 2nd Lt Durham Light Infantry Died of wounds rec 31/03/1918 Beuffignereux Soissons 11/03/1895 27/05/1918 23
Pearson James Bruce JB 1901 Carlisle: Cheviot House, Warwick Road Lt Burmah Infantry Presumed KIA in Mesopotamia Possibly Basra as James Brace Pearson 25/03/1918 18/08/1889 05/03/1917 27
Peile Henry Allason HA 1906 Carlisle: 7 St James Road Private London Rifle Brigade Reported wounded and missing KIA Thiepval 07/01/1896 01/07/1916 20
Ogilvy-Ramsay Max M 1907 Carlisle: Portland Square Lt Lieut RAF KIA Italy Montecchio Precalcino Communal Cemetry 05/06/1893 04/08/1918 20
  • Max
Scott John J 1906 Carlisle: Scotby 2nd Lieut Durham Light Infantry Died of wounds Pozieres 29/03/1894 27/03/1918 23
Sharp William Dalton Columbo WDC 1895 Drumburgh 2nd Lt Norfolk Regiment KIA Tyne Cot 17/04/1882 09/10/1917 35
Shepherd Douglas Alexander Mackay DAM 1901 Unknown Unknown Queen's Westminster Rifles KIA Combles Communal Cem Ext 12/12/1890 19/09/1916 25
Simpson Henry Lamont HL 1908 Carlisle: The Old Grove Lt Lancaster Fusiliers KIA Vis-en-Artois Mem 05/06/1897 29/08/1918 21
Sinclair William W 1910 Carlisle: 34 Thornton Road Private London Regiment/Manchester Regiment Missing Presumed KIA Tyne Cot 29/09/1897 11/09/1917 19
Somerville Frank Bousfield FB 1906 Carlisle: 95, Scotland Rd Midshipman Royal Navy - HMS Formidible Drowned Chatham N M 08/03/1897 01/06/1915 18 CWGC says drowned01/10/1915
Stafford Kenneth James KJ 1908 Gretna: The Manse of Gretna Lt RFA MC1918 Died of Wounds St Sever Cem Ext Rouen 07/04/1898 04/11/1918 20 CWGC says died14/11/1918
Stanfield Thomas William TW 1906 Carlisle: 42 Beaconsfield St 2nd Lieut Yorkshire Regiment KIA Anneux 20/12/1890 23/11/1917 26
Steele Frederick James FJ 1901 Carlisle: 38 Currock Terrace 2nd Lt Dorset Regiment KIA Loos 31/10/1888 13/10/1915 26
Stewardson Edgar Marsden EM 1905 Carlisle: 13 Petteril Bridge Terrace Private Rifle Brigade KIA at Les Boeufs France Thiepval 13/04/1891 18/09/1916 25
Tassell Frederick Noel FM 1912 Carlisle: 16 Warwick Square Private 20th Royal Fusiliers Public Schools Reported missing at Monchy Arras 25/12/1897 10/04/1917 19 CWGC says died 11/04/1917
Tattersall Harold Vaughan HV 1898 Carlisle: 3 Eden Mount Lt North Staffs Regiment 1918 Died of wounds in hospital at Halle Saxony Berlin South Western Cem 27/06/1887 22/04/1918 30
Thomlinson Thomas Edward TE 1882 Cotehill: Englethwaite Cpl Rough-rider in Remounts RASC Died at the Eastern Military Hosp Brighton Brighton City Cem (bear Road) 03/06/1870 08/08/1917 47
Thompson Percy Langhorn PL 1904 Carlisle: 153 Warwick Road 2nd Lt Durham Light Infantry 1916 KIA Philosophe British Cem Mazingarbe 16/10/1886 11/06/1917 30 CWGC says died12/06/1917
Tiffin Thoma Henry TH   Carlisle: 7 Howe Street         29/05/1893 03/07/1916 23 CWGC says died 15/07/1916
Tiffen Harold Vincent HV 1905 Carlisle: 300 Warwick Road 2nd Lt Lancaster Fusiliers Missing since 20/11/1917 Thiepval 10/11/1894 20/11/1917 23
Trousdell Maurice George MG 1894 Maidstone: Bowley Captain ASC 1917 KIA Canada Farm Cem 16/12/1883 06/08/1917 33 brother of WHC Trousdell
Trousdell William Hugh Cornwallis WHC 1893 Maidstone: Boxley Chief Accountant Unknown killed on sinking of the SS Falaba by German sub Unknown 09/01/1879 28/03/1915 36
  • William Hugh Cornwallis Trousdell
Tyson Thomas Mashiter TM 1911 Carlisle: 6 Thirlwell Terrace Cadet Royal Air Force Accidentally killed flying in Derbyshire Narborough (all Saints) Churchyard 10/06/1896 12/06/1918 22
  • Thomas Mashiter Tyson
Wathes Thomas Sidney TS 1904 Kings Norton: West Hill Captain Royal Warwickshire Regiment KIA Fromellis Ploegsteert Mem 02/11/1887 19/07/1916 28
  • Wathes
Williams George Trevor GT 1901 Not listed: son of Rev Williams Headmaster Captain Royal Fleet Auxilliary Died in hospital at Rawal Pindi India accident Rawalpindi War Cem 19/10/1888 19/04/1918 29
Wills Robert Dixon RD 1905 Kirkbride: Greenspot 2nd Lt Border Regiment KIA Wancourt British Cem 06/08/1893 23/04/1917 23
  • Robert Dixon Wills
Wilson William James W 1907 Carlisle: 22 Norfolk St 3rd Lt 3rd Devons KIA Salonika Doiran 27/05/1894 25/04/1917 22 CWGC says died24/04/1917
William Ewart Gladstone WEG 1907 Silloth: Causewayhead Gunner Royal Artillery KIA Courcelette 24/04/1894 29/10/1916 22
  • W E Gladstone Wise
Wright Francis Noel FN 1903 Carlisle: 4 Brookfield Gardens Private Liverpool Regiment KIA White House Cem St-Jean-les-Ypres 12/11/1891 17/09/1917 25 CWGC says died 18/09/1917
Average Age 26.29  

*Several references taken from: Border Regiment in the Great War by H.C. Colonel Wylly