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Can you get your

Challenge yourself to get 5 Good Behaviour Logs
as soon as possible each week!

Many students at Trinity are talented, hard-working, and organised and we want to reward this commitment and allow parents to celebrate this at home!

We know that students who have a growth mindset, and challenge themselves to fulfil their potential, will achieve the best life outcomes for themselves. The same students will also show grit and a conscientiousness to succeed in whatever they are working towards be it academic or non-academic. So, to help all students to develop this growth-mindset and resilience in their learning we are challenging students to achieve at least 5 good behaviour logs each week. Then work on achieving these 5 logs quicker and more often!

Teachers will be looking to reward instances where they see a growth mindset, resilience, grit, conscientiousness, self-control, and self-awareness.

Each week we will send a message to home for students who have achieved 5 good logs.

We shall be monitoring pupil progress in this challenge and will be giving students prizes and rewards for exceptional achievement and improvements in performance.