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Summer School Statement

Trinity School ran two summer schools in the week beginning 16th August 2021 for students transitioning to Year 7 and Year 11.

Year 7 Summer School

The Year 7 summer school ran for 5 days.  Students were invited based on a recommendation from feeder primary schools. In total 35 students were invited and 16 signed up and attended. The programme is below:

Year 6 Breakfast Briefing Session 1 Break Session 2 Lunch Session 3 Afternoon Briefing
  8.15-8.30 8.30-10.30 10.30 10.45-12.45 12.45 13.15-14.15 14.15-14.30
16/08/2021 Welcome Music   Geography   Enrichment Art TFTW
17/08/2021 Welcome Maths   History   Enrichment TFTW
18/08/2021 Welcome Maths   Science   Enrichment Art TFTW
19/08/2021 Welcome English   Art   Enrichment Science TFTW
20/08/2021 Welcome Geography   English   Enrichment Art Celebration

Year 11 Summer School

The Year 11 programme ran for 4 days. 48 students attended.

Year 10    9.00-10.30  Break     11.00-12.30  13.00-15.00
 Monday 16th August  Group A English    Group A  Maths   Enrichment
Group B  Maths   Group B English Enrichment
Tuesday 17th  August Group G Geography   Group A Maths Enrichment
Group H History   Group B Science Enrichment
Wednesday 18th August Group A Science   Group A English Enrichment
Group B English   Group B Maths Enrichment
Thursday 19th August Group A Science   Group B Science Enrichment
Group C Geography   Group E Geography Enrichment
Group D History   Group F History Enrichment


The amount of funding received is expected to be £12,575.40 which was allocated as below:

Staffing (Inc. leadership time, planning and DSL time) £10,975.40 
Curriculum materials £147.19
Food and drink £102.81
Revision Guides £1350
Total £12,575.40 




Click HERE to download the word document for the information above.