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Literacy and Progress

It is vitally important for all our students to make progress in English and Mathematics.

To this end, we regularly monitor progress, and use a wide range of intervention strategies to help students achieve their full potential. It is very common for students to have some type of intervention or ‘booster’ lessons at some point during their time at Trinity School, regardless of their ability level.

We operate a regular ‘One-to-One’ programme, for example, where students are extracted from other lessons around five or six times to develop their proficiency and confidence in Literacy and / or Numeracy.

Similarly, on a wider scale, we have allocated extra staffing in recent years to year eight and nine students who are a sub-level or more below ideal progress in English. This enables small groups of students to be extracted from other subjects for a short period of time so that every opportunity is taken to help them to their target level before their GCSE years.

Some of our year seven and eight students have been involved in the Sound Training Programme, which help to develop spelling and reading skills via a phonics approach.

We also use teachers and Higher Level Teaching Assistants in the classroom where possible to offer support for key students who benefit greatly from extra Literacy and Numeracy Support.

If your son/daughter is involved in any of the above, please do not feel alarmed and assume they are ‘struggling’ in school. We ‘widen our net’ to offer support in as many places as possible, viewing this as a positive action.

If you have any queries, please contact Mr D Medley (Tel: Ext. 340 or Email at, Senior Project Leader for Literacy and Progress.