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Good News

We’ve set up an email address so that any member of the Trinity community can share their stories and positive messages. We will post them on twitter and on this page, giving everyone a much needed lift and a reminder that we’re here to support each other.


Young Leader Inspired by Martin Luther King Junior and Black Lives Matter


A Young Leader form Trinity School in Carlise has recently completed the KS3 Young Leaders Award along with the rest of his year group.

Reflecting on his experience of learning about inspirational leaders like Martin Luther King Junior throughout the Young Leaders Award, he said:

“I have been inspired by Martin Luther King Junior; he was a powerful figure that did great things. He campaigned for civil rights in the 1950’s and 1960’s to fight for people’s rights. He wanted people to not be racist and for everyone to be equal.
I feel strongly about racism, there have been lots of protests recently ‘Black Matters’ because a lot of black people still aren’t treated fairly even today. I wish everyone could be treated equally and it doesn’t matter peoples skin colour is, they are still human beings that should be treated with respect, just as much as the next person.
He was resilient and didn’t give up. He was great at communicating to people which is a good leadership skill.”

Food Routes

Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed 'Food Routes' and ben awarded a certificate. Through independent learning they have shown high levels of knowledge and understanding in five areas; diet and health, consumer awareness, cooking, food safety and active lifestyles.
Congratulations to the following students who have successfully completed ‘Food Routes’ and ben awarded a certificate. Through independent learning they have shown high levels of knowledge and understanding in five areas; diet and health, consumer awareness, cooking, food safety and active lifestyles.
image (5)

Year 7

Reuben Gleave

Dennis Snelgar

Ava Anderson

Holly Barnfather

Amelie Martin-Stuttard

Rhea Shaw

Rooke Wallace

Patryk Witko

Isaac Blackadder

Jamie Murray

Aleece Stelmach

Ryder Stitt

Dante Skye

Anna Thompson

Ty Mclaughlin

Sarah Hiscox

Anna Thompson

Yr 8:

Emily Davidson 

Emma Yarrow

Jack Burrows

Poppy Temple

Erin Winder

Sophie Winder

Grace Anthony

Kirsty Taylor

Elliot Pearson

Abigail Cape

Yr 9:

Elizabeth Bainbridge

Luke Mann

Jack Newsom

Adam Bickerseth

Niamh Harkness

Chelsey Morris

Euan Murray

Wellbeing in the Zone Exhibition

The zone have put together a wellbeing aquarium and used many mixed media techniques. They are hoping that looking at it makes you feel as calm as they did creating it!

Last entries for the Bread Art challenge – deadline Mon 6th July.
bread art challenge

Focaccia bread art video recipe



Tour de France

Some fantastic MFL work from our students.

A fantastic effort!

Exemplary work from one of our Yr 11 students studying exam style questions in order to secure knowledge of our Chemistry course.

BBC History Magazine – Postcards from the Past Competition

  • If you’re aged between 6 – 13, then you can enter the Postcards from the Past Competition.
  • All you have to do is follow the instructions on the link above and imagine that you are your favourite historical character describing life during a historical lockdown.
  • Good luck!

Hard Boiled Humanities Competition Winners!

Recreated scenes and people from the past using hard boiled eggs! 


Hard Boiled Humanities Easter Egg Competition

Well done to everyone who entered the Hard Boiled Humanities Competition! All the entries are in and these are the highlights! – The History Department. 

Making a difference Monday

– starting Monday the 27th of April.


We are very proud of all that you are doing whilst not in school, and we want you to be proud of yourselves too. So please share with us any of the things you are doing that make a difference- it could be schoolwork, or practical skills that you’re learning, or how you are helping around the school or in your neighbourhood.
Please share examples and your stories with me via email – I look forward to spending each Monday praising both students and staff and the sweet treats you would normally receive will instead be donated to our key workers at the Cumberland infirmary.

Trinity Staff – Big Spin Challenge

Stay safe, stay home and we hope this makes you smile, it certainly made us smile doing it.

The Trinity School Lockdown 2020 Recipe Book

Take part in the “The Trinity School Lockdown 2020 Recipe Book”
Send your favourite recipe to where they will be
collected together to produce a recipe book that you will be able to download.

Front Cover Design Competition

Please send all designs to Mrs Perry,

This year marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day and, to mark the occasion, the traditional May bank holiday Monday was to be moved to Friday 8th May.  Many celebratory events had been planned across the country which have now, sadly, had to be cancelled.

So, in order to mark the occasion we are suggesting that you and your family might like to still be involved and plan your own “stay-at-home street party”

Carlisle Diocese VE Day Challenge

The May Day Bank Holiday was moved in order that we might mark the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Sadly, the coronavirus emergency means that most events must be cancelled or postponed. But, since when did that stop us finding new and inventive ways to have fun and hang on to hope? We can’t wait to see the many and varied ways in which you will be celebrating the day: WWII songs or cooking; homemade bunting and decorations; pictures and messages; projects or family history; virtual afternoon tea parties … the possibilities are limitless…..

Paper Aeroplane Challenge: We’re inviting schools to decorate a paper aeroplane to pass on to fellow schools in Cumbria. A video will start a paper aeroplane, inscribed with a message of Hope and will see how far that message can travel across the county. The last Headteacher to receive the plane will then read the message. At the end of the video we will encourage children to make and decorate their own paper aeroplane with their own message.


Trinity Bake Off Awards

Well done to all the wonderful contributions to this competition, the winners will be emailed a certificate.

Our Design and Technology department make PPE Visors

In our Design & Technology department Mr Palmer prototyped and perfected a head band and visor ready to go in to production for Coronavirus PPE. D&T aim make at least 50 a day until materials run out.
Goggles and batches of visors have gone out and distributed to those in need.

Mr McArdle's Music History Education

Each day, to enhance your musical education, I will be putting on a link to a classic album of music.
Spend 45 minutes just enjoying the full album experience and basking in its greatness. 

Day 17

Pet Sounds- Beach Boys

A classic from the 60s! Written to rival the Beatles’ Revolver album. This album showcased writer Brian Wilson’s genius. It is my friend Bestie’s favourite album. The stand out track for me is God Only Knows. It was used in the final scene in Love Actually. Always brings a tear!

Salt Dough Modeling

A fun, cheap activity that you can try at home, here is a wonderful salt dough monkey from Harmony Yr 7.

Salt Dough Monkey by Harmony Yr7

Salt Dough Monkey by Harmony Yr7

Easter Egg Competition

Send a photo of your decorated egg to Mrs J Perry by Monday 13 April

Easter Egg Competition

Easy DIY Salt Dough Recipe


Do you want to use the textiles skills learned at Trinity School to help the NHS?

We are making PPE facemasks to donate to those working on the front line, joining forces with “Sewing for the NHS” with the support of Girl Guide Leaders who will help with delivery.



If you think that you can help, let us know via the good news email and we may be able to deliver material and collect finished products for delivery to the NHS.

We have received your rainbow images, keep them coming in! #GoodNews



Our KS3 students have been having fun producing some amazing models as part of their D&T studies. Amazing!

Elephant and Zebra by Matthew Grieve

Elephant and Zebra by Matthew Grieve

Our KS3 students have been having fun producing some amazing weaves. Well Done!



Enjoy a musical performance from Mrs Bishop

Email: with your updates.