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Masterclass Online Offer

In order to continue to support our students during these challenging times, we are encouraging them to supplement their school-based learning with additional online lessons.

The Masterclass online programme offers a broad range of subjects including English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Art, Computer Science, Modern Foreign Languages and Technology on a three-week rotation for key stages 3 and 4, with all subjects covered for Year 12 each half term. Each year group will have the opportunity to receive online lessons up to four times per week.

In our online Masterclass Teams classroom each lesson is 1 hour long and begins at 4.30pm on the assigned day. Lessons are delivered by expert subject teachers and include high quality resources and activities for students to do during the session and in their own time. This online timetable of masterclasses will be emailed each week, posted on our Twitter feed and also published on our website.

Students can choose which sessions they would like to attend by identifying topics or subjects where they would like reassurance or feel they may have gaps in their knowledge. It is not expected that students would attend every session, but of course there is no problem at all if they would like to do so.

Students should find that they have been added to new Teams group, for example ‘Year 9 Masterclass’, and all subjects will run from here.

Week Beginning 28th of June

28th June


Year 7


Year 7 Subject Information