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September 2021

return to school LFD Testing

Parent / Carer Update

03 September 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

There is a start of term letter available, which you can find here 


Parent / Carer Update

21 July 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

Over the remainder of the school summer break NHS Test and Trace will be conducting contact tracing for any positive tests. 
There is now no requirement to inform school of any COVID Test results



Parent / Carer Update

15 July 2021

Dear Parent/Carer

As you will have seen in the news and heard locally, this half term has been
significantly disrupted by the increase in cases of Covid-19. We have had a number
of cases of Covid reported to us since half term and during this last week we have
been tracing contacts on an almost daily basis. We are sorry for the inconvenience
this is causing families and we look forward to a change in the guidance for
September that means this level of disruption may reduce. We need to continue to
trace any contacts of positive cases of Covid-19 up until Sunday 18th July. If
students test positive up until that date please let us know via and we will let any close contacts know as soon as we
can over the weekend and on Monday, if this is not possible.

We have been working through the new guidance for September that we received
last week and are planning for the two on site lateral flow tests when we return to
school. We know from previous experience that this will require many staff to be
involved in testing so we will be staggering the start to the year to make sure testing
is safe and that the start to the year for all students is smooth. Our initial plans for
this are in the table below.

Day Date Testing In School
Wednesday 1st September Years 12, 13  
Thursday 2nd September Years 7, 8, 11  
Friday 3rd September Years 11, 9, 10 Years 7 & 12
Monday 6th September Years 7, 12, 13 Years 8-11
Tuesday 7th September Years 8, 9 All
Wednesday 8th September Years 10, 11 All


It is important to stress that all plans are subject to change at short notice due to any
last minute government directives but that we will do our best to keep you up to date
with any changes and will aim to minimise disruption as far as we can.

The Lateral Flow Devices are slightly different this time and only require students to
do a nasal swab, which we hope will be less unpleasant for students. For
parents/carers of our new Year 7 intake, we recommend that you come with your
child as this will be their first experience of Trinity School; we think it will be
comforting for your children to have you with them for the test, even though it is not
necessary. We would also like you to have the chance for a quick tour on the date
of the first test as many of you may not have been inside Trinity School yet! Details
will follow later in August.

We do need to collect consent again and would ask that you do this using the
electronic form from the link below. We will send this again in late August as a

Consent form for September LFD testing in school

We have taken lots of positives from this year and we do plan to keep some of the
changes we have made due to the pandemic in the new academic year. I will write
to you again at the end of August with updates about this, some general start of term
information and to confirm the arrangements for the staggered start of the term and

To finish, I would like to once again thank parents/carers for your superb support
this year. Your messages, emails and phone calls of support have helped us to stay
positive as we have undertaken many tasks not related to education as well as
keeping learning going through periods of closure, isolation and interruption. I would
also like to congratulate our students who have been amazing throughout this time,
wearing masks, sanitising hands, following a multitude of extra rules in order to keep
their friends, family and our staff safe. We are proud of their attitude and look
forward to a time when they will get back to a more normal school environment.

With very best wishes for a relaxing summer.