Year 11 is a very demanding and challenging year for all students, and our aim at Trinity is to support each and every student in the best way possible to ensure that they reach their full potential.

This year we are launching the ‘Supporting Success’ initiative, students have heard about this during assemblies and through their tutors.



The aim of the ‘Supporting Success’ initiative is to offer a wide-ranging number of interventions and support sessions to help your son or daughter make the most of this crucial examination year and achieve their full potential.

What is involved in the ‘Supporting Success’ initiative?

Revision and catch-up sessions within different departments both during lunchtimes and after school – tailored to different groups at different times.


For different groups of students in English, Maths and Science – students will be invited to these sessions – they are a superb way to boost those grades!

Letter and timetables: masterclasses (pdf)

Tutor support

To help plan revision timetables, offer support and guidance with next steps, revision and dealing with Year 11 pressures, they will also help you look at where you need to focus your time in the coming months.

Skills Carousel

A range of sessions during assemblies and tutor time to help deal with;

  • Time Management & Organisation
  • Dealing with Stress & Anxiety
  • Planning ahead & Careers
  • Revision & Exam Techniques
  • Peer Support & Mentoring

Guest speakers

Talks from people who know how to inspire and motivate!  

‘The Art of Brilliance’ 

Personalised support

in Maths and English and the use of the ‘Learning Curve’ for groups of students who require specific support in these subjects.

Passport to the Prom

All Year 11 students will receive a ‘Passport to the Prom’, this will have details of academic targets and approach to learning grades as well as being a record of attendance at ANY revision/intervention session – all signatures count and the more signatures = greater the number of rewards!

Supporting Success at Trinity1