Online bullying, depression and sleepless nights: Survey reveals snapshot of children’s lives in one Yorkshire city

CHILDREN as young as six in one of Yorkshire’s biggest cities have been bullied online, while worries about homework, using technology and even depression are keeping teenagers awake at night.

A charity supporting young people at risk of abuse has called on parents to make online safety a priority if their children received electronic items for Christmas.

More than 8,000 children from age six to 15 from 79 schools across Sheffield took part in the Every Child Matters survey, which is used by the city council, health services and other organisations to shape their work with young people.

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Child, 11, sent rude pictures to friends as worrying rise in ‘sexting’ revealed


Scrutiny panel calls for more awareness about online risks

Young girls in the East Riding are four times more likely to be victims of ‘sexting’ offences than boys, according to a new report.

Police say they are dealing with more complaints about children being sent sexually explicit images and messages than ever before.

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Charity calls on parents to make online safety a priority

‘The internet is not without its risks for children who can stumble across inappropriate content or even become victims of online abuse’

A charity supporting young people at risk of abuse has called on parents to make online safety a priority if their children received electronic items for Christmas.

These include smartphone, tablets or games consoles.

The advice comes after a survey of 442 parents of five to 10 year olds found 46 percent didn’t have parental controls set up on internet-enabled devices used by their children.

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Gambling-style apps offered on Facebook without age checks

Fears grow over children’s risk of addiction as fixed-odds betting terminal supplier offers ‘social games’ aimed at young people

The company behind thousands of the UK’s fixed-odds betting terminals (FOBTs) is offering gambling-style apps on Facebook without age checks, prompting allegations that children are being exposed to the risk of addiction.

Earlier this month, the industry watchdog warned that more than 60,000 children were either gambling addicts or were in danger of becoming hooked. Experts have warned that games mimicking real-life gambling are the “number one risk factor” for developing a problem later in life.

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Schools ‘should help children with social media risk’

Schools should play a bigger role in preparing children for social media’s emotional demands as they move from primary to secondary school, England’s children’s commissioner says.

Anne Longfield said she was worried many pupils at that stage became anxious about their identity and craved likes and comments for validation.

Her study said children aged eight to 12 found it hard to manage the impact. The government said it was working with schools on online safety education.

The report into the effects of social media on eight to 12-year-olds claimed many children were over-dependent on “likes” and comments for social validation. It said children approach a “cliff-edge” as they move from primary to secondary school, when social media becomes more important in their lives.

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Why online child sexual abuse must be taken more seriously

Research shows online abuse can be just as devastating for young people as offline abuse, although it’s often seen as less of a concern by professionals

Relatively little is known about the impact of sexual abuse involving online and digital technology. To improve understanding of the effects of this type of abuse, the NSPCC commissioned researchers from the universities of Bath and Birmingham to explore and compare how online and offline sexual abuse impacts young people, and how professionals respond to it. The report reveals some thought-provoking findings.

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Prince William warns social media impacts young people’s self-esteem

The Duke of Cambridge says children and young people are increasingly under pressure compared to past generations.

Prince William has warned social media negatively impacts young people’s self-esteem and confidence.

Speaking at a children’s charity gala, the Duke of Cambridge said children and young people are increasingly under pressure compared to past generations.

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Scotland’s young girls hit by epidemic of cybersex crime

Scotland has been hit by an epidemic of phone and online sex crime with girls under 16 making up three quarters of its victims.

New figures, described as a “wake-up call” by campaigners, show children bearing the brunt of a surge in “indecent communications” enabled by the web.

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Anonymous ‘honesty’ websites: safety experts tell parents to be vigilant

Proliferation of anonymous feedback apps such as Sarahah is prompting concerns about cyberbullying among schoolchildren

Online safety experts have warned parents to be vigilant about teenagers’ use of anonymous feedback apps that allow users to leave unnamed comments about others, amid new concerns over cyberbullying.

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Facebook takes on online suicide challenges

Facebook on Friday said it is working with suicide prevention partners to collect phrases, hashtags and group names associated with online challenges encouraging self-harm or suicide.

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How are smartphones affecting teenagers?

A generation who have spent their entire adolescence with smartphones are feeling the effects, including negative impacts on their mental health, says author Jean Twenge.

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Young people want social media firms to act on bullying

Around 80 per cent of young people think social media companies should do more to tackle cyber bullying, according to a study.

Almost half have experienced threatening, intimidating or nasty messages and 14 per cent have been a victim of online bullying in the last month, research by YoungMinds and The Children’s Society found.

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Talk to your children about their online lives every two weeks, urges charity

Internet safety should be treated like road safety and caution with strangers as new figures show frequency of exposure to inappropriate content, says children’s charity

A leading charity has urged parents to do more to keep their children safe online as new figures reveal how often young people are exposed to violence, hatred, sexual content, bullying and other inappropriate content when using the internet.

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Social media is as harmful as alcohol and drugs for millennials

The word “addiction” brings to mind alcohol and drugs. Yet, over the past 20 years, a new type of addiction has emerged: addiction to social media. It may not cause physical harms, such as those caused by tobacco and alcohol, but it has the potential to cause long-term damage to our emotions, behaviour and relationships

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Young students dice with danger after agreeing to meet online ‘strangers’

TEACHERS and parents at one southeast Queensland school are stepping up their efforts to combat cyber crime after 28 students admitted to meeting a stranger who they had met online.

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Secret Teacher: Social media is hurting pupils – we need more support

I’ve seen the harm online platforms can do to children, but the government is slow to respond. Its latest plans don’t go far enough

This week, the government announced plans to target “sexting and cyberbullying” as part of an initiative to make the internet safer for young people. It is to meet with technology companies, charities, academies and mental health professionals to develop a strategy. All this sounds wonderful, but the speed of reaction to what has been a very real situation for years has been painfully slow.

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Visit Cumbria’s Local Safeguarding Children’s Board for advice on Safer Internet Use
Visit Cumbria’s Local Safeguarding Children’s Board for advice on Safer Internet Use


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